GLO With The          Sacred FLO
Explore Your Destiny With COACH KALIN ! 
What is coaching?
                                                                           The SPARK
That Inspires You to Embrace Your Sacred Soul And Most Poweful Destiny
What We Call Your Sacred GLO
We each have within us unique talents, skills and insights that are gifts from the DIVINE to enable us to deepen our souls, attain a sense of accomplishment, as well as be a blessing to others during the duration of our earthwalk.  Although we know that there is power within ourselves, we often diminish, ignore or downplay that power we hold withn while in pursuit of "more important things" such as earning a living, happiness, possessions and beating out the next guy/gal in the "rat race".  Coaching creates the sapce in which to breathe, reflect, reassess the wisdom of the path we have chosen to pursue, given the your  unique destiny this process will allow to unfold before your eyes
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  1. Sacred Personal GLO
    This coaching plan challenges the client to identify and address hinderances to a satisfying earthwalk, especially the loss of personal power and failing to learn lessons meant for us to learn, on the path to Destiny
  2. Sacred Spiritual GLO
    This coaching plan challenges the client to explore his or her connection to the Universal life force, the center of all true wisdom, power and love, so as to fulfill the purpose of his/her Earthwalk
  3. Sacred Lifepath GLO
    This coaching plan challenges the client to set in motion a plan for his or her Earthwalk legacy. At the end of the earth journey, what will it have all been about? Whose destiny will be aided because you LIVED?
Let Coach KALIN Help You 
GLO With The Sacred FLO - Kalin's unique mix of enthusiatic support and encouragement, with blunt assessment  when necessary,  and guided planning/ strategizing, based on your particular needs, goals & circumstances will be just the spark to launch you into your most inspired Destiny.
What makes COACHING different than simply getting helpful advice from a mentor or a close friend?  Typically, a mentor has a relationship with you in a particular area of your life, usually a mentor provides guidance with your careerpath, but not in any particular area.  Typically, a mentor is not prepared to "Go DEEP" into your inner turmoil, conflicts and unspoken hopes and dreams.   The Mentee follows the Mentor's lead.  A mentor relationship typically, also,involves some judgment that can result in negative consequences .if the mentor relatiohship does not work out, for what ever reason.   Coaching involves no such consequences.  The process moves at the pace YOU set and goes as DEEP as you desire.